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Monday, August 1, 2016

Book Review - Football Superstars 2016

Football Superstars 2016
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About the Book
A new year, a new football season, and a new crop of superstars!

Featuring the biggest stars from the most exciting games of the past season. Each page features large full-color action photographs of everyone's favorite players. Football Superstars 2016 has something for every fan!

My Take on the Book
If you know a boy or girl who loves football and seems to know facts about the pro football players, this book would be a great gift. The book highlights 14 of the top football players. Each set of 2 pages is devoted to a different player. There is a full color photograph on one side which shows the player in action on the field. On the other side is biographical information about the player . The information included depends on the position of the player in the game. There is information on the touchdowns, passes, rushing, catching, and there is background information on their life, schooling, when they were drafted, and more. The biographies include specifics about injuries and if they played in a super bowl game.

The reader will have an opportunity to really get to know some of the top pro football players by reading this book.

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