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Friday, March 18, 2016

Book Review - Visual Explorers: Insects and Spiders

Visual Explorers: Insects and Spiders

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About the Book
Creeping, crawling, flying, buzzing…discover all the exciting things that make a bug's life so fascinating. Engaging text, detailed facts, and impressive statistics give children exciting scientific insight into the world of insects and spiders. A glossary at the end of the book helps reinforce the information. Parents, teachers, and librarians will want to collect all of the books in this series to create a very cool first encyclopedia to build early research skills.

My Take on the Book
Whenever I read a book like this , I am always wondering how did they photograph the animals in the book. The reader will see amazing up close shots of insects and spiders. Up close like seeing venom dripping from one kind of spider. Another up close photo involved a person putting their hand next to a type of tarantula that eats larger animals ,such as birds and reptiles. The tarantula was very large.
So many fun facts to share with children or to learn as an adult.

Some interesting facts I would like to share are: insects and spiders have been on Earth before humans arrived and will probably still dwell on Earth after humans depart due to their adaptability in the environment. Butterflies migrate 4785 miles. Dragonflies migrate up to 8700 miles. Ladybugs have two sets of wings. They have their red spotted wings that lay over the rear wings which are the ones used for flying. The deadliest insect in the world is the mosquito because of the diseases they carry.

I think you will agree this book is worth reading. There are excellent detailed photographs and interesting and appropriate text with each photograph.
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