Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Step-By-Step Zen Doodle Origami

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Review - Step-By-Step Zen Doodle Origami

Step-By-Step Zen Doodle Origami

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About the Book

Take the many benefits of Zen doodling--including stress relief and creativity boosting--and combine them with the artistic challenge of origami, and what do you get? Step-By-Step Zen Doodle Origami, a fun, intriguing new way to create something beautiful and unique. Inside the pages of this hands-on guide, you'll find:
  • Step-by-step guides to drawing and paper folding
  • Beautiful, vibrant illustrations
  • 20 sheets of origami paper in pale shades of pink, gray, yellow, and blue
  • Tools and techniques for different materials and processes
  • Tips for applying simple and effective color, pattern building, and more

Packed with inspirational instructions and bold, exciting designs, this inspiring guide will encourage creativity and turn ordinary doodles into origami works of art.

My Take on the Book
I grew up doing origami with my own mother and always appreciated the art of this beautiful paper folding ever since. This book provides you with beautiful designs to follow and a number of great sheets to great some fun origami creatures too. You will be impressed at how easy this book makes it ready, act and create yourself!

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