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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Book Review - My First Baby Signs

My First Baby Signs

About the Book

Babies have so much to say long before they can talk! My First Baby Signs provides babies, parents, and caregivers with a way to communicate!

  • Learning simple signs together with your baby is a game changer!
  • Signs encourage babies to communicate basic needs and wants, and helps you understand them.
  • My First Baby Signs uses story to introduce over 40 key American Sign Language (ASL) signs and pairs them with visual and written guides on how to do each sign.
  • The story shows signs in context and is the perfect way for you and your baby to learn and practice signs together.
  • Gentle, softly colorful illustrations throughout aid in learning.
  • Includes a helpful index of the signs for fast and easy reference, from ''All Done'' and ''Banana'' to ''Wash Hands'' and ''Water.''
  • Sturdy padded hardcover book.
  • Ages 0–3.
  • Book measures 6-7/8'' wide x 8-3/4'' high.
  • 48 pages.

Author Lee Ann Steyns is the creator of Signing Babies, where she teaches community and virtual baby sign language classes. She is also the mother of two and lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband.

My Take on the Book

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