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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Book Review - Melville


About the Book

Meet Melville, a purple, softly round, beyond-adorable sea creature who is off to “find a place for just me.”

Leaving his warm and loving mama behind, Melville the sea creature sets off for an adventure, and he knows just the kind of place he’s looking for. Along the way, he gets lost (briefly), encounters sharks and other big sea creatures, and floats past a pirate ship. Melville checks out a few spots, but all fall short of his dream place…until, weary from his adventures, he finds his way back to his mama—a place that is “just right.”

My Take on the Book
This is a cute story made for early or pre-readers. The book is written in a cadence that you can really draw the eye of the reader into the story. You can ask questions of the reader or simply have the young child just enjoy the pictures and the story itself. It is a cute story that shares the love of a parent, but also the thrill of adventure and seeking outa place that is their own. It is a lovely story that young readers will definitely love!

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