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Monday, October 12, 2020

Book Review: The Queen's Council Rebel Rose

The Queen's Council Rebel Rose

About the Book

Happily ever after is only the beginning as Belle takes on the responsibility of becoming queen and learns to balance duty, love, and sacrifice, all while navigating dark political intrigue-and a touch of magic.

It's 1789 and France is on the brink of revolution. Belle has finally broken the Enchantress's curse, restoring the Beast to his human form as Prince Adam, and bringing life back to their castle in the province of Aveyon. But in Paris, the fires of change are burning, and it's only a matter of time before the rebellion arrives on their doorstep.

Belle has always dreamed of leaving her provincial home for a life of adventure. But now she finds herself living in a palace, torn between her roots as a commoner, and her future as a royal. When she stumbles across a mysterious, ancient magic that brings with it a dire warning, she must question whether she is ready for the power being thrust on her, and if being Queen is more than just a title.

Rebel Rose is the first in the Queen's Council series, an empowering fairy tale reimagining of the Disney Princesses-and the real history behind their stories-like you've never seen before.


My Take on the Book
This was a great book! If you love Belle, this gives you a look at what happens after she frees the beast from his spell. The book is a great story that pushes you to see Belle in a new way, especially in regards to her new role as royalty and whether she is ready for this. The book is a great start to the Queen's Council series as it really does a great job at drawing you into the story and the world and you come to truly care about all of the characters throughout the book. This book made me even more excited for future books in the series and I am sure that you will feel the same!

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