Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Creature Campers: Surprise Under the Stars

Monday, April 20, 2020

Book Review - Creature Campers: Surprise Under the Stars

Creature Campers: Surprise Under the Stars

About the Book
The Creature Campers are back for another adventure! To pass their map and compass skills test, they must find their way to a hidden spot in the forest, where a picnic feast awaits!

Follow Norm the Bigfoot and his friends as they brave a swampy lake, a scheming creature collector, and a starry night surprise to get to their deliciously sweet reward—and learn the true meaning of teamwork and trust.

My Take on the Book
The first book that was in this series was so funny. This book was a great second book for the series. In this book you will find the friends back together and this time they have to use a map and compass to earn something special.

The villain gets into the action and you get to see him messing with the other friends. I, for one, loved the high powered magnet to disrupt their compass. What was cool about this is that the book does use some science with the story too.

By the end you will want to see what happens next to these great characters, I know that we were.
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