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Monday, March 27, 2017

Book Review - A Handful of Stars

A Handful of Stars

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About the Book
When Lily's blind dog, Lucky, slips his collar and runs away across the wide-open blueberry barrens of eastern Maine, it's Salma Santiago who manages to catch him. Salma, the daughter of migrant workers, is in the small town with her family for the blueberry-picking season.

After their initial chance meeting, Salma and Lily bond over painting bee boxes for Lily's grandfather, and Salma's friendship transforms Lily's summer. But when Salma decides to run in the upcoming Blueberry Queen pageant, they'll have to face some tough truths about friendship and belonging. Should an outsider like Salma really participate in the pageant-and possibly win?

Set amongst the blueberry barrens and by the sea, this is a gorgeous new novel by Newbery Honor author Cynthia Lord that tackles themes of prejudice and friendship, loss and love.

My Take on the Book
First , I highly recommend this book for a middle age reader . It would also be a great chapter book for an adult and child to share. The story is rich in character development. It involves Lily who lives with her grandparents in Maine. It is blueberry season and she meets Salma who is a young migrant worker. They develop a fast friendship.

It is a story about a little girl's loss of not knowing her mother. It is a story about the same little girl, Lily , who is trying to raise money for her dog to have cataract surgery. It is a story about bravery, dreams, friendship, and striving to set a goal and reach it. It is a story about Salma who travels with her family and dreams of never having to move again.

There are so many real life situations in this book. As an adult , it was a great story which I enjoyed. I think you will also see the value of the content of this story. 

Cynthia Lord has written a beautiful story.

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