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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Book Review - Project Droid: Soccer Shocker

Project Droid: Soccer Shocker

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About the Book
When Mom tells Logan that Java is joining his soccer team, the Purple Wombats, he’s not thrilled. It’s a lot of work teaching his new robot cousin how to act like a human—and keeping him out of trouble—and Logan needs a break.

Still, being programmed for success means that Java’s also great at scoring. He might just turn the Wombats into a championship team, beating Sherry and Jerry Silverspoon and their Red Polar Bears . . . if he’d just let the other kids play, too. After being replaced as the Wombats’ MVP, Logan’s had enough.

But when Java gets wet and goes on the fritz, can the whole team—even a short-circuiting Java—come together to score the winning goal?

The second in a fantastically funny new chapter book series by internationally bestselling author Nancy Krulik and her daughter, Amanda Burwasser, Soccer Shocker is destined to win tons of fans.

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My Take on the Book
Logan Applebaum's mother invented a droid who lives with them. Java, the droid, is playing soccer with Logan and his friends. Because Java is not human, he can hit the ball higher and faster. He becomes the best soccer player.

When Java gets short circuited and is out of commission, Logan and his friends realize how much they miss him. Logan was jealous of Java and was upset because his friends liked Java more than him. However as the story continues you see Logan's feelings change. 

The story shows jealousy, friendship, and forgiveness. Telling the truth is highlighted too.

There are again humorous sections where Java has his own understanding of what people are saying. Often this causes some questions as Logan's friends do not know Java is a droid.
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